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Another big carp packed session for Elliot Bertram!

Elliot Bertram has certainly taken full advantage of The Main Lakes Incredible form this summer, landing some big hits of spectacular looking big carp. Here he tells us of his latest amazing session, which saw him land another hatful of big carp, including one rather special big common.

On Thursday the 13th of September my Dad, girlfriend and I made our way down to Fryerning fisheries for a 72hour session. On arrival, I caught up with my mate Simon Davey who had a good hit of fish from the Box so I had a good idea of where the big carp were, knowing this I opted to fish the unfavoured warblers swim. My dad fancied the Jetty swim.

After a few casts leading about in some likely-looking areas the traps were set as the night was quickly drawing in.

warblers Fryerning Fisheries Ingatestone Essex

Warblers had fallen out of favour with anglers of late.

I woke up at first light to motionless rods and it seemed that the lake hadn’t done a bite all night which surprised me seeing as how well it had been fishing the past few days. Spending the rest of the day scanning the water for signs of carp it soon became apparent that they were a lot more active as I saw a few shows in front of me and, to my left, things were looking up for night number 2.

mainline cell1 xlcarp fisheries ingatestone

Mainline’s Cell, a fantastic bait that Elliot has full confidence in! 

Early hours of the morning and the right hand rod received a short take followed by a drop back, I was in!

The fish swam towards me and after a short margin battle she was in the net; it was a lovely mirror at 26lb. Nothing else occurred throughout the day accept seeing a few more shows in the area, I decided to move my long rod to where I had seen a few fish show closer in to my left, the traps were baited and set.

Midnight and the left hand rod on the new spot signalled a take, the fish quickly swam towards me and picked up my other two lines. It then put up an epic fight in the margin and out of the darkness I was surprised to see a 20lb common pop up as well as a football sized ‘birds’ nest’ of line!

Thankfully the angler next door in the millstone was up and offered a hand in the untangling. Once everything was sorted the plump common went 23lb 6oz, my girlfriend and I joked and referred to it as naughty Norman after the carnage it caused. After putting all 3 rods back out it was 2am and I was in need of some sleep. 

Common Carp Main Lake Fryerning Fisheries

‘Naughty Norman’ one angry little common.

A pattern was beginning to occur, and I woke up to a quite morning, my dad had to go home with nothing to show for his efforts, however I managed to convince my girlfriend to stay another night as conditions looked so good for another bite. As evening approached the rigs where back out on the money, I also moved my middle rod to where I saw fish show earlier that day.

At a similar time to the other bites and my left hand rod had a ripper! I knew that this was a better fish and after a 10 minute battle I was delighted to see “Luke’s Common” go over the net chord. I gave Ryan a call who was further up the bank to help out with some photos as I was having issues with my camera. 37lb 8oz on the scales and after a couple of cracking shots she was put back.

Luke's Common Essex Syndicate Fryerning Fisheries

What a fish! Lukes Common, a rare visitor to the bank!

Waking up in the morning I was confused to why I would only get one bite a night. Don’t get me wrong, getting a bite from the main lake is an achievement in itself but I felt that with these conditions and the number of fish in front of me that there was a chance of another take, especially off of one of my other spots.

The day passed quietly, and I persuaded my girlfriend to stay for a final night, conditions improved and strong south westerly’s were pushing into the swim. As darkness set in I could hear fish crashing out in front of me, it was looking prime. 

Fryerning Fisheries Main Lake Brentwood Essex

The conditions just screamed carp!

At midnight the left hand rod was away, after a short battle I had a stunning 30lb 6oz linear in the bottom of the landing net, a few pictures and she was slipped back. The rod was put back out and re-baited with the ever constant Mainline Cell. At 5:30am the right hand rod woke me up with a one toner, I lifted into a weighty fish which kitted left to right and so forth picking up the line on my left hand rod!

It fought hard in the deep margins and I knew I was attached to a good fish. Eventually she gave up and I was looking at “No Name” along with an entanglement of line in my net. I unhooked her in the net and looked at the mess of my other rod, seeing as she was a recapture and having her at a top weight this time last year as well as my dad having her a month ago I knew roughly how much she weighed (36-38lb) so I made the criminal decision of slipping her back.

She did seem awfully confused when I slipped her back without a picture, but I was already happy with the ones I had and I didn’t want to cause unnecessary stress. It also allowed me to sort my other two rods out quickly as it still looked good for one last bite!

30lb 6oz Mirror Fryerning Fisheries Brentwood Essex

Another Main Lake stunner, this one went 30lb 6oz 

However, this was not to be and I packed up the following morning one happy angler. Big thanks to everyone that lent a hand and especially to my girlfriend for letting me stay an extra couple of nights as well being a dab hand with the camera. I went home looking forward to my next trip down to the magical banks of Fryerning.

Fryerning Carp Syndicate Essex

The magical Fryerning home to many big English Carp.