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CALL: 01277 352 245

Main Lake Catch News

Angeling Syndicate Membership / Access Control Card

Nick makes great use of his Syndicate Ticket

Nets, mats and slings latest.

A tale of ‘Naked and Common’ English Carp

Another big carp packed session for Elliot Bertram!

48 hours of Main Lake madness!

Barley Straw Sausages

260 mile trip to Fryerning results in a unknown 30!!

Barry Sullivans 10 year quest is over!

The Stripes back in town!

Important Notice RE carp care equipment.

Fryerning’s Main Lake produces session of a lifetime for Steve and Elliot Bertram!

Lakes opening Thursday!


Brian Smith Lands The Mommon!

Mainline Baits at Fryerning.

Ian Russell’s guest session on the Main Lake

End of year round up 2017

2.5 Tonnes of pellets later!

Paul Palmer does the trebble

Elliot Bertram lands the Nunn

Paul Palmer has a brace of forties

Sam Walker; A fish of a lifetime

Elliot Bertram smashes his P.B. with a fifty!

Fryerning record smashed again!

Paul Palmer is on fire!

Elliot Bertram The Nunn!

2.5 tonnes of pellets!

Adam Penning lands the Riddler!

Stu Smith lands The Netted

Adam Penning catches two for 83lb

Paul Palmer lands the gambler.

Important Notice!

Brad Phillips does the treble!

Now its warming up!

Adam Penning campaign starts!

Darren Baker Smashes Fryerning Record

Scott Clark The Boss 51lb 8oz

Aaron Woodcock has The Pretty One

Barley Straw = Fish Weight Gains!

Steps/ Car Park swim gets a refurb

Jon Traveller What A Result!

2016 Review, Looking Forward to 2017.

Ian Russell gets The Stripe!

Paul Palmer gets the whinger!

3x 50s for Bertie

Dave Muddle’s dreams come true!

Gurmintrude out at her heaviest!

140 Tonnes of gravel later!

Peter Everett

Carp Gods Powers Working Already

Reminder, ensure your equipment is dry before Angling!

James Mann Does The Business Again

Another Major Improvement!

Neil Messenger Finally Smashes his P.B.

Double Take for Arron

Belting December action at Fryerning!

NEW 50lb Common for Fryerning Fisheries


2015 END OF YEAR REVIEW by Carl Carlucci

Main Lake keeps producing the goods!

Awesome autumn action!

More P.B.s smashed at Fryerning!

Top action from all lakes!

Plenty of surprises at Fryerning!

Car Park Lake Transformation!

Red hot summer action at Fryerning!

Adam Penning breaks UK surface caught PB

Valley Lake Producing the goods!

Fryerning Fisheries Main Lake Record Goes Again!

Wow… What a month!

Fryerning bursts into life!

Main Lake Big Fish Bonanza!

Big Fish Bonanza!

3D Models

3D Models of Fryerning Fisheries Lakes

Water Quality Tests

Gurm landed at 51lb 9oz!!

Carl Carlucci lands Four Scale

Spring has sprung!

The Main Lake Awakens

Michael Jarvis lands the Round Tail Common

Main Lake Fish On The Move

Valley lakes still producing despite Arctic blasts!

Remarkable start to the year!

Rhys Miles First Session Success

Paul Shearer Christmas Comes Early!

2014 End of Year Report By Carl Carlucci

Mild weather makes fish feed with gusto!

Amazing month at Fryerning!

Big hits galore!

Autumn comes early at Fryerning! By Adam Pening

Important Take Notice!

Few anglers but plenty of action! By Adam Penning

Awesome results at Fryerning! By Adam Penning

What a month at Fryerning! By Adam Penning

Fryerning fishing its head off! By Adam Penning

Team Fryerning’s Big Ambition

The lakes are waking up! By Adam Penning

XL Competition

Valley still producing the goods! by Adam Penning

Weights are on the up! by Adam Penning

End Of Year Round Up 2013 by Adam Penning

Still plenty of action! Adam Penning

What a month! by Adam Penning

BIG fish time! by Adam Penning

One of the best around! by Adam Penning

Fantastic fishing at Fryerning by Adam Penning

Loads of whackers! By Adam Penning

Fishing’s come alive By Adam Penning

Fryerning- an outstanding big carp venue! by Adam Penning