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End of year round up 2017

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What a year 2017 has been at Fryerning! It seems only yesterday that I was writing the 2016 end of year round up, time really has flown!

Year on year the fishery continues to move on leaps and bounds, with no signs of us slowing down in our efforts to remain at the top of the tree as the ultimate carp fishing syndicate.

2017 saw all three lakes in fantastic form, producing some amazing catches for our members, P.B.s were smashed left right and centre with dreams tuned into reality and memories made for life!

The year started off just like its finishing, with very few anglers on the banks which is reflected in the catch reports even in this often productive period of the year at the fishery.

This certainly seems to be a trend of the modern day carp angler, if you are serious about your winter fishing you are missing out, not being at Fryerning!

The Car Park Lake remains a firm favourite for the hardy souls who fish day only winter sessions and as I write this a member has just packed up after landing several carp up to 20lb in conditions more suited to Eskimo’s!

With little bait entering the lakes and the carps once staple diet of crayfish now been eradicated for nearly 18 months, we have introduced a feeding programme which has certainly kept the fish in tip top condition and gaining weight steadily!

March certainly signalled the waking up of both carp and anglers with the Main Lake producing twelve fish including The Boss at 51lb 8oz and The Gurm at 55lb 8oz.

From March onwards the fishing and catch rates kept improving and overall all three lakes have fished phenomenally. 

The Main Lake this year has produced over 160 carp over 30lb, 50 of these being 40’s and 15 over the magical 50lb mark. Incredible stuff! Throw into the mix the TWO separate cat fish caught over 115lb and as you can see the results have been simply mind-blowing!

2017 has seen the venue record smashed several times and it now stands at a huge 57lb 10oz when Adrian Hunt, a member for many years caught Gurm in November.

Several other captures that stand out include Peter Weedon landed Fryerning’s FOURTH 50 after landing The Netted Fish at 50lb 2oz, Aarron Copp landing The Mommon at 51lb 15oz and Adam Penning landing his first UK brace of 40’s.

The Valley Lake has also fished fantastically well throughout the year and has certainly benefitted from a stocking in February. Twenty of our own bred hand-picked carp were introduced and these have certainly thrived alongside The Valleys existing impressive stocks.

Catch rates are certainly up per angler, but with a reduced membership and fewer rods on the bank catch reports do look down on years gone by. The members who have recorded hits of up to eight carp in a session certainly aren’t complaining!

The reduction in angler pressure has certainly impacted on the stocks growth rates with the lake producing its first 40 this year; certainly a historic moment for the lake! Nick Marsh currently holds the record with the same fish at a weight of 41lb 4oz caught off the surface.

We fully expect the lakes stocks to boast at least two 40’s in the very near future…. Watch this space!

The Car Park Lake continues to provide non-stop action for our members, including an amazing 34 fish haul for Mark and Fin Richardson and a record breaking catch for Ian Russell in front of The Carp Wars cameras!

It is certainly apparent that all three lakes have benefited from our water quality management, feeding programmes and destocking policies.

The Main Lake in particular has seen hundreds of pounds of silver fish removed which can only have a positive impact on fish growth.

It has been noticeable the amount of positive and complimentary comments we now receive from members of some years and first time visitors alike. They all remark ‘on just how well the venue and its surroundings are looking’.

The place has certainly moved on in the last few years, and is a huge testament to the pride and hard work we put in to the fishery!

This year we have once again taken the place up a further notch, swims on all three lakes have had a facelift, the trees have had a pollard and more trees/shrubs planted.

The Car Park Lake has certainly been transformed with more trees and bamboos lining its banks making it now even more idyllic and heavenly, all year round.

The benches placed behind many of the swims have been lovingly restored and given several coats of wood preserve by Phil Randell. Phil has kindly donated his time to do this for the benefit of the members so when you see him don’t forget to say thanks!

Access to the fishery has also been improved with the lane down to the lakes seeing some major construction work over several months.

The Fryerning work parties started early this year and have been a roaring success with everyone having a hoot and a vast amount of work done. Scores of unwanted trees have been removed, The Main Lakes once overgrown island cleared and banks have been strimmed / cleared, just some of the jobs done!

We certainly have a great community spirit on our syndicates and I’d like to thank all those who participated all your help is much appreciated.

Towards the end of autumn we became an official Mainline Baits stockist. Their boilies are an amazing food source, with an excellent track record for catching fish at Fryerning! They are available from the lodge in 5 and 10 kilo bags, so next time your down give us a shout!

Its’s another move by us to make your angling experience less fraught, you can now literally turn up and fish on the spur of the moment!

As I write this we are just in the process of making the whole site 100% bio-secure by purchasing our own fishery nets, slings and mats. This is the result of several cases of KHV being confirmed around the south east.

We have therefore purchased a new container where all the equipment is to be kept on site permanently. It’s a major investment, which will ensure the site is totally safe and secure from any diseases, safeguarding our stocks from any threats.

It will also benefit our members meaning these bulky items are one less thing to have to put in the car, a win, win situation!

Over the past twelve months we have been developing a website which is going to be something special! Packed with even more features than the old one, it’s completely phone compatible and includes up-dated maps of the lakes showing all the swims and contours of the bottom, updated swim galleries, an A-Team gallery page, and a new Valley Lake gallery page plus lots more. You can’t fail to be impressed!

This will be updated on a daily basis leaving you just one click away from all the latest news and catch reports.

Looking forward to 2018 we have a few big changes in mind to yet again improve the fishery and further enhance the experience for our members.

Security is to be notched up yet another level with a new improved state of the art electronic gate system. This will work off a photo ID membership card, monitoring movements in and out of the fishery doing away with the old style Key Fobs.

We are also going to reduce membership numbers further on the syndicates. This has certainly seen an improvement in sport over the last 24 months and by continuing to reduce angling pressure we expect even greater yields in 2018.

By slowing down angling activity on the complex along with a closed period through the breading season it allows us to concentrate more on the fish farming side of things.

Throughout 2018 we will continue breeding and rearing yet more carp from our hatchery and stock ponds.

We currently have some very special fish coming through, that are some of the best looking apple scaley fish around. Slow growth longer lived!

These shoots come from the same gene pool as our A-Team fish in the Main Lake and have proven history of exceptional growth. At present we have fish up to 40lb residing in our stock ponds, the future certainly looking rosy at Fryerning! Exciting times ahead!

It is with our unrivalled facilities, mind blowing fishing and the best community of anglers ever that every member takes great pride in being part of this amazing syndicate.

The whole team at XL Carp would like to wish all our members of new and old a Happy Christmas followed by a healthy and successful fishing season in the New Year 2017.