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Nick makes great use of his Syndicate Ticket

The Main Lake has been on fire so far this November, with plenty of carp coming out to those lucky enough to have syndicate ticket on this magical Essex Carp Lake and Wickford based Nick Mills is one such guy.

His first session for some time was in the second week in November in perfect carp conditions and, making great use of his syndicate ticket, when the lake was in red hot form producing plenty of big carp to the few who had ventured out.

Here Nick tells us his story;

I arrived at the lake on the morning of Wednesday 8th of November full of enthusiasm and excitement at the prospect of fishing the Main Lake.

Speaking to fellow member Scott Clarke, my confidence was lifted further after being told he had had a result with a fish known as The Emperor at 45lb 10oz from the Dam wall.

Nick Mills Syndicate ticket XL Carp fryerning

Scott Clark with The Emperor 45lb 10oz, caught on a quick overnighter.

Scott informed me that it was caught from deep water on a quick overnighter, a great bit of angling indeed!

With only the Point and the box occupied I decided to head for the steps swim with the lodge a alternative if things weren’t happening.

With the pressure below 1000 and wind and rain due to arrive so I really fancied sometime in the next 24hours to give some action.

Covering all options I fished rods both close in and at distance and surprisingly had a good nights sleep with no action.

Reeling in first thing in the morning I was surprised at the lack of action, all quick check revealed all baits were fine, the joy of having no crays in the lakes no more!

Bait wise I was mixing it up by using two different quality baits both from Ash at ‘Tails Up’, Pro Crab and Pro Seed.

Nick Mills Syndicate ticket XL Carp fryerning

Tails-Up Pro Crab mixed up with Pro-Seed, the bait of choice.

Keeping the faith I stuck to my same tactics and sat back looking at the beautiful autumnal scenery with all the different colours at this time of year. It was heaven sat there watching the world go by and having a good laugh watching the gulls attacking the coots when they were coming up with our boilies and then nicking them off of them.

Well, mid day arrived and my middle bobbin slowly lifted and just kept going, what a perfect looking take! I lifted my rod and my first thoughts were, finally I am in and it’s a fish in the day time.

As usual I took great care in playing the fish which put up a great account for itself leaving me with my heart in my mouth on several occasions during the fight.

A huge sigh of relief was had when that net went under it, and a Fryerning Main Lake prize was mine, and was quickly slipped into the sling, ready for weighing.

Once out of the water and onto the matt it was then that I saw the most beautiful looking mirror carp glowing in all it’s autumn colours. ‘The Stripe’ 36lb.What a result!!!

Nick Mills Syndicate ticket XL Carp fryerning

The Stripe 36lb stunning!

At Fryerning we are spoilt by the average size of carp in these incredible lakes, however It’s not always about the biggest carp. Sometimes looks can be better than weight and in this case looks win hands down, any angler cant’t help to be blown away with this fish!

Nick Mills Syndicate ticket XL Carp fryerning

A fish I will never forget!

Being caught in great light conditions it was a great photo opportunity and the guy next to came up trumps taking some fantastic shots, that I will forever look back on with great fondness. Thank you.

Back she went and a very chuffed angler was I.

Thank you Chris and team for a great venue.

Nick Mills