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Fryerning XL Big Carp Syndicate Monthly Blog Episode 2 January 2019

In episode 2 of the XL Carp Blog, Fryerning member Adam Penning recalls what's been going on at the Essex big carp syndicate. Following on from last months bumper end of year round up, Januarys blog has some very special catches including TWO different 50LB carp.

Those of you who watched last months blog may recall Adam predicting A-Team member The Nunn could well go over 50lb in 2019. Well just days after filming, the big girl came out at a colossal weight of 51lb, a new fifty for the big carp syndicate.

Another fish to make the headlines was The Gurm which came out at a huge weight of 55lb 2oz, two winter 50s to start the year off, amazing stuff indeed!

As well as these two incredible captures, Episode 2 includes even more big stunning carp, previously unseen footage and an update of what’s been going on at this incredible big carp syndicate.

So sit back and enjoy what was January 2019 at Fryerning, it certainly makes fascinating viewing!


As mentioned just days after filming last month’s blog, Fryerning received a belated Christmas present in the shape of a new 50 for the complex The Nunn. The big girl came out to the rods of long-time member Karl ‘Bertie’ Baxter at a massive weight of 51lb. Fryerning’s fifth 50 and Karl’s fourth different 50 from The Lake! Well done that man!

Karl ‘Bertie’ Baxter with The Nunn at 51lb

As you can see, like all the fish at Fryerning, The Nunn was in awesome condition and we fully expect this incredible carp to keep growing and growing!

Fryerning’s newest 50 The Nunn.

Another truly massive Mirror to grace the banks this month was The Gurm, the venues largest resident at a mighty weight of 55lb 2oz.

Keith Mann was the bloke who tripped the colossal fish up, smashing his P.B. in style! Well done that man, pardon the pun!

With several months to pack on the weight before spawning, there is a very realistic chance this boilie loving carp will breach her best weight of 57lb 10oz and become a step nearer to that magical 60lb mark!

Keith Mann with his new P.B. The Gurm 55lb 2oz

Dan Crow had the honour of being the first angler to scribe his name into the 2019 catch reports after landing his new P.B. Prettyone at her top weight of 39lb 9oz. Just ounces off becoming another Fryerning 40, pretty one is set to join the already huge list of 40lb plus carp Fryerning boasts. This now stands at least 16 guaranteed 40’s and four/five 50’s depending on the time of year.

Dan Crow with the aptly named Prettyone 39lb 9oz

All the fish at Fryerning seem to be really packing the pounds on over the last couple of months, which does beg the question could The Woodcarving do 50 in 2019? I for one would not be surprised in the least! 

The Woodcarving the next Fryerning 50?

The ever-consistent Scott Clark also got his name in the 2019 catch reports early when he landed a stunning 27lb un-named mirror. Keep an eye on this one, it’s certainly one for the future!

Scott Clark off the mark with a stunning 27lb mirror

Whenever we’re talking to prospective members the question that often comes up is ‘what’s the crayfish situation’. 

The situation is this; there are none what so ever! 

Three years ago, after much thought, the decision was made to eradicate the cray fish with a water borne virus which saw a 100% wipe out.

Initially the crays were netted to reduce any rotting bio-mass effecting water quality, then a water borne pathogen was introduced to the various lakes on site, killing all the cray’s.

The crays were eradicated three years ago with 100% success

This was a fantastic move which was welcomed by all and looking at the condition of the fish and their mighty weight gains we are seeing, the carp aren’t missing them either!

A thing of the past, no more crayfish at Fryerning

One proven way to dramatically increase weight gains is to reduce the bio-mass of a lake – less mouths = bigger carp and the guys have this month been on it!

Over the past couple of weeks, they have been netting with gusto, removing an astonishing amount of silvers, which has to be seen to be believed.

Literally tonnes of silverfish have been removed in January

Targeting silver fish hot spots, one session produced 1/2 a tonne with the next 3/4 of a tonne and several others since being equally productive.  

As we type, we have just received all the components to construct a net specially designed for moving all year classes of silvers. This will allow us to be even more proficient removing fish of all sizes in one swoop, keep an eye out on facebook, twitter and here to see the results!

The continuous fishery management on all three lakes is just one part of the jigsaw which makes Fryerning the best big carp syndicate around!

Reducing the bio-mass will increase carp weights

Despite some fantastic carp catching conditions, the banks have once again been very quiet with few venturing out on all three lakes which could be put down to a post-Christmas hangover.

A lot of venues when they are quiet, you can’t help but feel apprehensive when angling alone but here at Fryerning this isn’t an issue at all! Someone is on site at all the times and the complex has only one point of entry which is covered by an access control system. Security is a major priority here, allowing you to fish in total confidence that you and your equipment will be safe and secure at all times!


Fryerning, safe and secure at all times

A couple of members have been taking full advantage of the empty banks and heading to the prolific Car Park Lake.  Even with ice in the margins some epic sport has been had with countless carp up to 20lb landed. With virtually guaranteed action, The Car Park is the perfect place to test out all your new gear and hone them rigs and baits.

One benefit of little footfall on the banks, is the guys can get on with maintenance work ready for the ever-nearing warmer months.

Chris, Charlie and Scott have been flat out, trimming hedges, coppicing trees, strimming banks and refurbishing swims. You can’t fail to notice all the hard work which has been going on down here, something all us members will feel the benefit of during 2019. 

Work hasn’t stopped recently

It’s ever more noticeable that the nights are pulling out now, with the days becoming increasingly longer, A sure sign that spring is just around the corner! Blink and we will be there fishing for big hungry carp with the sun on our backs I personally cant wait!

If you want to be part of one of the syndicates here at Fryerning, I recommend you give Chris or Charlie a call and arrange a visit, because tickets for Fryerning are understandably very desirable. 

With all members being hand-picked and the finest around, when becoming a member, you become part of a family of like-minded carpers.

That’s all for now, I’ll be back in a months’ time to share some more incredible carp, smashed P.B.s and amazing catches, in the meantime don’t forget to keep an eye on facebook, twitter and the website for all the latest news.