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CALL: 01277 352 245

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Main Lake Syndicate

The Main Lake is the place to chase monsters and realise your dream of holding a carp that is almost too heavy to lift!

The stocking and management of this lake has been conducted in a no compromise style designed with one outcome in mind: the creation of the finest big carp water in the UK.

The Main Lake comprises 18 acres of scientifically-managed water, with depths ranging from three to 18 feet. Features include numbers of gravel bars, a large island, and lush marginal growth.

Many of the comfortable, woodchipped swims are large enough for two anglers, and have been carefully positioned to give each occupant their own area of water.

Our stock of fish in the Main Lake is very well documented; we are not one of those waters that claims to have big fish but cannot provide good, recent photographic evidence! Every catch is recorded in the Catch Log and this enables us to keep very accurate tabs on the growth and number of our fish.

The documented stock of upper 30s and 40s is increasing all the time, with some fish gaining in excess of five pounds in a single year. This is the result of an extremely rich environment, something we have scientifically cultivated over many years.

The Gurm, The Mommon and The Netted Fish whom are TRUE UK 50s and still growing. In addition to this we have a number of fish set to be 50 plus and a further 6 fish which we expect to go over forty pounds in the next year.

This incredibly high level of big carp in just 18 acres is virtually unprecedented and is the result of our own breeding programme, recognised by CEFAS, which utilises the latest aquaculture technologies (see Commercial Activities page for details).

To further enhance the Fryerning experience, we are actively working to reduce the overall number of members. This will create an even more exclusive and unique big carp syndicate!


At Fryerning occasional guests are welcome at our discretion. Members are allowed only one guest at a time. When you intend to bring a friend whether fishing or not, please let us know in advance.


The Fryerning syndicate is for like minded, positive anglers whether they are vastly experienced or new to the sport, we have the waters to accomodate all abilities to take their angling and P.B. to the next level. As all serious anglers know, effort equals rewards and the rewards are certainly here to be achieved at Fryerning!

Of course we can’t promise you will get a 40lb carp first cast (although this has happened!), but we can guarantee that the opportunity to catch true monsters is there. Challenge yourself we promise you won’t be disappointed!

XL Carp is run with you in mind – we have the expertise needed for you to have the very best chance of improving your average catch rate and chasing the dream of a giant P.B. carp!

Here’s why Fryerning is the perfect syndicate for you:
1. Nowhere offers you more opportunities than Fryerning to develop and extend your carp fishing success.

2. Less members – more carp. A reduced membership enhances your experience

3. Like minded anglers with a friendly atmosphere some of which have been members for over twenty years!

4. Personal support from the management team and full time baliffs who are available to answer all your questions

5. Exclusive, secure fishing with access controlled electronic gate along with CCTV giving you total peace of mind

6. Peaceful and quiet with superb scenery and immaculately kept swims

7. Modern clean toilets and showers

8. Lakeside lodge with free tea & coffee facilities

9. Free charging facilities and deep freezer for bait and food.

10. Coming very soon! We are about to insist on the use of fishery nets slings and cradles. Not only does this safeguard our precious stocks, it also reduces the amount of kit you want need to take with you. All kit is of the finest quality and kept in its own bio secure container which is camera monitored 24/7.

11. Proven documented stocks now consisting of 100 x 30’s, an astonishing 17 fish over 40lbs, topped by 4 x 50’s the Queen of the complex, the Gurm which when last caught weighed 57lb 10oz,  The Mommon, The Nun and The Netted Fish, you can be 100% sure you are never far away from your new P.B.

12. Tutorials available on site for anglers of all levels with Angling Guide, Adam Penning

13. If you want an existing fishery that will maximise your precious time with other likeminded anglers XL Carp will take you to the next level.

For more information and to book an appointment to view the lakes talk to Chris on 01277 352245.

If you have booked an appointment and can’t for whatever reason make it, please give us a courtesy call to let us know.