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Risk Assessment


Policy Statement

Fryerning XL fisheries, have a responsibility to make our members & all other people who access our land and fish our waters aware of the risks they may face in the surroundings they are in.

Fishery Management Team

  • To ensure the Risk assessment has been read by all members.
  • To ensure all machinery is only used by the fishery management.
  • To stop any persons who are acting in an unsafe manner and could cause harm or injury to themselves or others.


To make themselves aware of the risks they face in the surroundings. Also take appropriate action to ensure their own Health and Safety and that of others. It is a requirement that all anglers read and understand this Safety & Risk Assessment.

First Aid !

The Fishery management must be alerted of any serious injury/Incident. Anglers are recommended to carry their own First Aid kit.

The fishery has a First Aid kit which is located in the Main lake lodge.

Covid 19-Rules

All persons accessing the complex or using the welfare facilities are to adhere to the social distance guidelines.

Social distancing must be followed by all parties as advised by the government. The current recommended separation between individuals is 2 metres.We have the right to remove anyone who does not adhere to the Government guidelines.

Risks associated with angling.


Rats, Deer and dogs may be encountered.


Swans or geese are rarely aggressive but best left alone.


The Fishery owners have dogs as pets and for security purpose. Please do not pet or feed them without the owner’s permission.

Wild Deer

Do not feed or pet any deer that may be on our land. Please report any sightings to the fishery management.


Weil’s disease is transmitted in rat urine. Please do not put wet line or equipment in your mouth. Please wash hands before eating or smoking. Undesirable bacteria may also be present in animal droppings and pond or river water. Please take suitable precautions.


Rods or poles are good lightening conductors, please do not fish in these conditions, and seek refuge well away from trees. A good refuge is a car.

The Sun

Please do not underestimate the sun’s power. Please cover up when fishing and take appropriate precautions to stop sunburn, heat stroke, Dehydration etc.

Cold and inclement weather

Be prepared for cold/freezing conditions or any inclement weather. Wear suitable clothing, waterproof, warm etc.

Paths and Banks

Slips, trips or falls are dangerous, please keep too obvious path and take extra care when wet, Icy and slippery.


Fishing under trees can be unsafe on windy conditions. Beware of falling trees or branches. Take care if your tackle is stuck in trees undergrowth or branches. A release of tackle or a part of the tree may cause injury.


Please beware of people behind you, around you or on opposite bank to you. Weights and tackle can cause injury to others.


Anglers are to use sharp tools. knives, hooks baiting needles etc at their own risk.

Fire, gas, BBQ and cooking

Be aware of the fire and burns risks whilst working with associated equipment.


You must ask permission from the fishery management to wade on to the water. Life Vest / Buoyancy Aid must be worn at all times whilst entering the water.

Falling into water

If a person has accidentally fallen into the water and is out of reach from the bank. A Lifebuoy can be used as a rescue device. Lifebuoys are placed around the lakes. These are the orange and white Buoys.


Children under the age of 13 years old, must be accompanied by a supervising adult and wear a suitable Life Vest / Buoyancy Aid at all times.

Access to Fisheries

Access is via the main gate only.


All persons must keep to (5 mph) speed limit whilst driving on the complex. Only use the car parks and parking areas provided. Always be aware of the Owners dogs, wildlife or machinery whilst driving on the complex.


DO NOT touch any machinery which is owned by the fishery.

Welfare facilities

Toilet and showers have been provided by the management. Please be aware that the floor can be wet and slippery. Be aware that there is also hot water that could scold if not used correctly.

Use of boats

Anglers are not permitted to use boats at any time. The fishery management are the only persons to use boats on the fishery. (Do not use for any reason)


This safety policy & risk assessment will be a working progress to highlight risks and to make all possible means to reduce the likelihood of accidents & injuries.

Download the Risk Assessment Document HERE