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CALL: 01277 352 245

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Valley Lake Syndicate

The Valley and Car Park lakes lie below the Main Lake and are a wonderful extension of the magic garden that is Fryerning Fisheries.

We believe we have created the perfect fishery, designed to help you master all facets of carp angling and constantly improve your personal best while chasing the ultimate monster carp.

Both lakes are stocked with our own strain of fast growing fish and catch reports are available which are regularly updated. Each year sees the capture of hundreds of 20lb and 30lb carp!!

Containing over 150 fish in excess of 20lbs with 10 different thirties and a new lake record common of 41lb 3oz, the Valley and Car Park are prolific carp waters, suitable for all levels.  Like the Main Lake, membership starts from the day you join until the same date the following year, allowing a full calendar of exceptional carp fishing. We provide options of two and three rod memberships – for more information please click on Membership Info.


The Fryerning XL philosophy on fish growth has long been proven and the key to the successful growth of our fish lies in genetics. This is a biological factor that determines the inherited characteristics; in short our years of research have shown that with the correct genetics and breeding program it is possible to create the ultimate fast growing (and good looking) specimen carp. In this process we have successfully crossed our pretty Redmire Leneys with the chunky Mark Simmonds strain and our own Fryerning originals to create a fast growing new generation of hand picked specimens – these fish feed and fight hard!



This picturesque lake is around three acres and offers some exciting fishing for some of the most gorgeous scaly mirror carp you are likely to see anywhere and has commons and mirrors to well over 30lbs which are growing steadily.

The last three years were fabulous years for fish growth with the fish literally packing on the pounds. We fully expect two forties in 2019.

The Valley is an intimate water with depth ranges from 3 to 12 feet, mature reed-lined margins and overhanging willows. The lake was designed with the expert assistance of leading angler and respected writer Jim Gibbinson, and the owner of Carp Talk magazine, Chris Ball.

At the end of February 2017 we stocked 20 carp into The Valley further enhancing its stocks. These fish were all born and bred on site, consisting of a good mixture of commons and scaley mirrors, all with the genetics to grow big and live long providing fantasic sport for years to come.

The average weight of our Valley carp is over 20lbs and they can be caught on a variety of baits and tactics.

In hot weather these carp will be very evident on the surface and love a floater, so don’t ignore this highly prolific tactic. The Valley offers fairly unique fishing where you can usually expect some action but also the chance of a big one too. In our opinion this is the perfect intermediate water – the place to increase your personal best and gain confidence in your tactics before progressing on to the Main Lake.



This is a firecracker of a venue! Somewhere that you should never really blank – the fish are catchable in the coldest (and hottest) of weather. Fairly densely stocked, the lake has a very good head of fish ranging from double figures all the way up to over thirty pounds. The fish now average around the 15lb mark and are very catchable on a variety of tactics. This is THE place to get a bend in your rod and you will often find some of the hardened Main Lake anglers nipping over for a few hours action to boost their confidence! Depths range from 5 to 9 feet and the clay bottom is generally weed and snag free.

In December 2016 over 200lb of hand picked, scaley carp were released into the Car Park Lake. Theses stunning fish which have been bread on site and growing on in our stock ponds are something very special indeed! The shoots were from the same gene pool as our A-Team fish in the Main Lake and have fantastic growth potential, The Gurms, Mommons etc of the future.

Exciting times ahead, here at Fryerning.

The fish in here love a floater and big beds of bait work very well too!

Here are 12 reasons that the Fryerning Valley Syndicate is perfect for you:

1. Nowhere offers you more opportunities than Fryerning to develop and extend your carp fishing success.

2. Less members – more carp. A reduced membership enhances your experience

3. Like minded anglers with a friendly atmosphere some of which have been members for over twenty years!

4. Personal support from the management team and full time baliffs who are available to answer all of your questions

5. Exclusive, secure fishing with access controlled electronic gate along with CCTV giving you total peace of mind

6. Peaceful and quiet with superb scenery and immaculately kept swims.

7. Modern clean toilets and showers

8. Lakeside lodge with free tea & coffee facilities

9. Free charging facilities and deep freezer for bait and food.

10. Proven documented stocks consisting of hundreds of twenties and over ten thirties

11. Tutorials available on site for anglers of all levels with Angling Guide, Adam Penning

12. If you want an existing fishery that will maximise your precious time with other likeminded anglers XL Carp will take you to the next level.

For more information and to book an appointment to view the lakes talk to Chris on 01277 352245.

If you have booked an appointment and can’t for whatever reason make it, please give us a courtesy call to let us know!