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CALL: 01277 352 245

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These rules are in place to make YOUR time at the lakes safer and more enjoyable. Please stick to them and enjoy your fishing. Anyone found breaking the rules or acting in an unsporting or ungentlemanly way, at any part of the catch or your stay will be ejected from the site and forfeit their membership fees in entirety. Please ensure you read these rules thoroughly before fishing anglers not wanting to abide by our rules please do not apply to join!

Rules 2019/2020

Main Lake Members Nets, Mats and Cradles. Carp Master XL versions for Main Lake only!  These will be found in the bio-secure unit found next to the toilet/shower block. 

The Valley Lake and Car Park Lake are located in the metal containers around the lakes. 

All items to be returned as found: in the same containers, clean, dry and stacked neatly. 

If you damage an item or see a damaged item please inform a member of the team as soon as possible. Any equipment used by a guest will be the responsibility of the member. Anyone found to be mistreating any equipment will be banned from the fishery. Remember The Bio Security is very important & the unit is covered by CCTV.

Members please use your own Nets, Mats & Cradles from 28th October 2019 to 29th March 2020 when the water temperature is below 5 degrees. We do understand that the mat rules are a bit of inconvenience but we have been a long time growing & protecting our Carp stock! We are trying our best to keep our fish stocks safe as possible.

-Photographing / fish care, all carp must be photographed over a suitable unhooking mat.

-Fish should not be lifted above knee height.

-When stalking anglers must have recovery sling to hand, unhooking mats can be collected once fish is safe and secure in sling.

-A large bucket of water preferably next to unhooking mat.

-All fish to be returned ASAP after weighing and photographing.

-No keep nets or sacks to be used at any time with Carp.

-Rods must not be left unattended at any time.

-Barbless hooks only. No bent hooks.

-No weighing poles allowed. All top fitting of scales must have Karabiner fitting.

-Minimum of 12lb breaking strain to be used.

-No Braided mainline except spod or marker rods.

-No permanently fixed leads or bolt rigs. All leads must be able to break free should a fish become snagged.

-No nuts of any description, unless ground down.

Summer and winter seasons. Have been separated into seasons to save confusion.


-Winter season 28/10/2019 – 29/03/2020

-Summer season 30/03/2020 – 26/10/2020 

-Entering or exiting the fishery. 

-Winter season entering and exit times 6:00am – 6:00pm 

-Summer season entering and exit times 6:00am – 8:30pm

-Rod limits increase in the winter season by one rod on all 3 waters (Main Lake 4 rods, Valley  Lakes 3 rods)

-Maggots only to be used in the winter season 

-No bait boats

-Membership cards misplaced/lost will be charged for when a copy is reproduced.

-Catch report must be filled in FULLY with all captures over 20lb.

-Members to supply management photos of fish over 30lb’s, any photo is welcome though!

-All anglers must hold a valid Environment Agency Licence.

-Non-members may not be brought to the lakes without owner’s permission and are the responsibility of the member. No Children under the age of 12.

-All vehicles must be parked in designated areas.

-All gates to be closed at all times. The surrounding farmland and woods are strictly out of bounds.

-No litter. Anglers are responsible for removing their litter, which must be removed from the site.

-Please do not leave litter in our bins.

-Maximum stay five days.

-Gold ticket enables you to fish when you like (maximum stay 5 days).

-No excessive drinking of alcohol.

-No Generators.

-BBQs welcome please ensure 6 inches legs do not place directly on the grass.

-In winter, cars must be kept off the grass verges.

-No swim holding.

-Passport sized photo must be given when joining for membership cards, no fishing until we have photo.

-All lakes close during spawning.

-Anyone found breaking these rules will risk losing their ticket with no refund.

-In the interest of fish welfare closed season to be held at managements discretion.

At Fryerning we take great care in breeding and maintaining our fish stock to the highest possible standard. When caught our fish must receive the highest quality care along with respectful treatment during the catch / weighing and photographing process, before being released unscaithed back into the water.