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48 hours of Main Lake madness!

Suffolk based angler Scott Clark has been a Fryerning member for three years, regularly travelling down the A12 to Essex to fish what he describes as 'the best syndicate around' and 'his favourite venue of all time'. In his three years as a member he has landed many Main Lake carp, but his latest session is possibly his most memorable, with him landing no fewer than TWELVE fish!

After have a couple of months break from fishing Scott decided to do a quick overnighter at what he describes as ‘the best syndicate’. Walking around the lake Scott saw a few fish cruising around The Last Swim and decided this was where he was going to fish. Hear the rest in his own words.

Knowing the swim well I knew the spots, one rod was to be close in front of me, another to a over hanging willow tree on the right and the third to a hard spot at 50 yards on the left. At 1 am in the morning I was rewarded with a take from the left hand rod. After playing the fish for around 20 minutes I netted a stunning well know mirror, The Stripe. She went 33lb. 

The Stripe 33lb, caught from The Last Swim

The next session couldn’t come quick enough!

I arrived at the lake on Friday three days after at 3pm with my six year old son Tayler. The plan being to do a 48 hour session. First job was to stop off at the lodge and buy 5kg of Mainline. I went for The Link which I had heard good reviews about and thought I’d ‘give it a try’.

After a quick walk around Scott opted for The Mill Stone and things were looking very promising with the weather conditions being perfect, overcast and a gentle south westerly breeze.

I wasted no time by putting 10 catapults of The Link on each rod. One on the right close to a overhanging bush on the island. The middle spot was half way along the island and I opted for open water spot on the left so I had all options covered. 

After only two hours the middle rod pulled up tight and I was into a small mirror. ‘Perfect’. I was over the moon. This was a opportunity for Tayler to have a picture with his first Fryerning carp.

Tayler with the first carp of the session 

As quick as the rod was back on the spot it was off again! A pristine looking carp. Taylor took control of netting duties. ‘Well done Tayler’ he was a natural. Perfectly netting the fish first time. 

After two fish it went quiet for the evening. Scott had nothing to report throughout the night, but confidence was key and with the perfect weather conditions set ahead. Things were looking good.

An immaculate Main Lake common

Having set my alarm for a 5.30, I got up and made a quick cup of coffee, ready to put some bait out. Within thirty minutes the middle rod was off again. ‘Get in’. Unfortunately I lost this one but no time was wasted. The rod was back on the spot at 11-half wraps. 

A few hours past, then my hanger on the middle rod started to pull up tight. Bang  I’m in! after a 20 minutes battle, Tayler netted a stunning mirror, ‘The Pretty One’. The scales went round to 35lb 4oz. One of the target fish i was after. ‘Happy days’!

Scott, Tayler and Prettyone 35lb 4oz

Out went the middle rod, followed by a several pouches of boilies to keep it topped up. A couple of low twenties followed before another recast.

Two beeps and it tore off. Instantly, I knew I was into something big. After a half an hour battle my heart was in my mouth. Taylor spotted the huge common break the surface. Shaking I couldn’t believe what I had seen, I was playing one of the lakes big commons. Tayler now full of confidence netted the fish perfectly. I quickly looked and confirmed my thoughts. The Mommon. ‘We’ve done it’, New P.B. common!

A quick phone call to Charlie and he was straight around to help weigh the fish. She looked amazing and went 44lb 6oz. I was over the moon, I couldn’t believe my luck.

The Mommon  44lb 6oz

Scott had total confidence in his rigs, having used them for some time now. A Simple bottom bait rig did the trick, featuring Korda’s Krank size 4 barbless hooks with some shrink tube creating a blow back style hair. N-trap soft 20lb hook link and size 11 swivel to fit the Korda heli safe lead system. Dark matter putty finished it off nicely to pin things down.

Simple but effective 

This was by no means the end of the action for Scott. Twenty minutes after getting the rod back out, it was away again! Incredibly it was a second big common. Scott had landed a fish called Luke’s Common which doesn’t come out too often. 37lb 8oz. Another Fryerning A team member.

A rare visitor to the bank Luke’s Common

After hearing a lot good reviews  about the new The Link, Mainline has recently released, I had to give it a go. It was the first time using the bait. ‘Wow’, what can I say?

The Link Mainline Bait

Mainline The Link produced the goods for Scott 

I was totally blown away with what had happened and couldn’t have wished for a better weekend with my son, we ended the session with over 200lb of carp 12 in total, all on the same spot 

Luke’s Common 37lb 8oz

Thank you all so much for such an amazing weekend/48 hours on ‘the best syndicate’.

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