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CALL: 01277 352 245

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Team Fryerning’s Big Ambition

Like all aspiring anglers, Team Fryerning has its goals and milestones with ongoing challenges.


Year on year we are tweaking our complex continually adding value, giving the experience needed so you cannot wait to return again and again, an example of this is better swims, toilet and shower facilities, electric access control gate and more security cameras, providing higher quality year on year. Tranquillity, this equals the exciting experience we can all share and enjoy here at Fryerning. Not forgetting the awesome big carp, including the documented ‘A’ team consisting of 100 English 30’s,12 x 40lb carp including two commons over 45lb and one leather over 40lb, the jewel in the crown Gurmintrude currently goes 53lb, expected to reach upper 50s this year.

So what makes Fryerning so unique?


First of all you need the right location for anglers. Fryerning is located just 10 minutes from junction 28 off the M25, so you the member have easy access to and from the lakes. Fryerning village is considered to be like Gurmintrude our fifty, the jewel in the crown of the South East of England by the national media.

2. Right Earth

Good clay to hold water, with rich top soils giving the correct nitrates to create the right eco systems, leading to an awesome food chain.

3. Water Quality

At Fryerning we have our own spring on the farm which flows continuously into our lakes over chalk giving us the neutral P.H. levels needed for our awesome English carp.

4. English Stock

250 handpicked, heavily plated English Lenny Carp, originally from Redmire Pool have been crossed with our Fryerning strain, giving us a choice of some awesome shoots, the one fish in a thousand that grows into big proportions phenomenally well.

Remember if you want to win The Grand National, (you don’t ride a pony) all our carp are thoroughbreds to give you quality big carp angling, when you strike, and boy we strike on a regular basis.

5. Facilities

At Fryerning we have gone that extra step giving the angler everything he or she could ever need. Just some of the facilities include a lodge/club room for a social cup of tea or coffee, immaculate toilets and showers, Secure charging facilities for phones and batteries and the best quality built swims you could ask for, with many benches and picnic tables located around the complex. We continually strive to add more value by reinvesting into our syndicate.

6. Security

With a 100% track record you can relax with no worries. Seventeen live cameras, complimented by a secure electric gate with access control to the complex, you can pop down the village just ten minutes away without fear, safe in the knowledge that your tackle is totally secure.

7. Membership

You have to remember a syndicate is only as good as its worst member, contrary to popular belief we are are a small family run syndicate where members are sat in our back garden, this is why I interview prospective members to see if they are suitable. I must say our anglers are the best there is, being kind, considerate, like minded ladies and gentlemen.

By increasing membership prices we have now lowered ticket numbers making the syndicate more exclusive. Currently we do have members who have been with us for over twenty years, but don’t let this put you off as spaces are occasionally available, for more information give us a call on 01277 352245.To book an appointment & take a look.

8. Peace and Quiet

Fryerning gives you the chance to get away from the rat race and relax and unwind in pleasant company and all inspiring surroundings.


30 Years On.

I would just like to thank some of the people and companies that have helped create Fryerning over the last 30 years. These include: The Inspiring Jim Gibinson for convincing me to stock Leney Carp, the knowledgeable Alan Henshaw from Calverton fish farm, The great Chris Ball owner of Carp Talk, also countless members that have helped with building projects over the years and more recently the exciting Adam Penning who is now our Angling Advisor, Joe Morgan and Nick from Carp T.V., Sam who removes our crayfish on a regular basis, Jim and Sam O’Brian for sorting out the security, Marky Baker for some of the photography on the new website built by Sky Blue,  Herbie and Scott who bailiff the complex and also my family Charlie and Clair for their continued hard work.

Tight Lines

Chris Knowles.