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Fryerning’s Main Lake produces session of a lifetime for Steve and Elliot Bertram!

Dad Steve and son Elliot Bertram's recent session on The Main Lake was mind blowing and will go down in folklore.

The Lake has been in red hot form this year and multiple hits have been regularly recorded in the catch reports, but what the pair managed to land was to shock everyone. The duo managed an incredible 26 fish between them in less than 72 hours.

Here Elliot tells us all about this legendary session!

‘My dad booked some time off work so that we could go fishing together after finishing my second year exams at Uni.  We arrived at the lake mid Sunday morning with strong westerly winds blowing across it.  The lake looked prime for my favourite swim, The Royal Box; however there was already an angler in position.  Fortunately, he was leaving that evening so we decided to jump in afterwards as it was a double swim. 

In the meantime, I suggested to my dad that we should fish in the southern bay of the lake, on the end of the wind where I saw a fish show on arrival. I gave dad first pick of swims, which was only fitting seeing as it was Father’s Day!  In the end I opted not to fish as I thought the fewer lines in the area the greater chance of getting a fish. He chose The Steps swim and flicked out a couple of Cell singles to where we had seen fish show.  A couple of hours later and the left hand rod was in melt down, the fish gave a good scrap but was soon in the bottom of my dad’s net; it was an immaculate common, 26lb 4oz and dad’s first carp from the main lake. 

Steve’s first Main Lake fish a stunning 26lb 4oz common.

To say he was overjoyed was an understatement!  Within the next few hours he had a couple more takes resulting in smaller carp.  Later, I made my way round to The Royal Box but my dad stayed in The Steps as the fish were clearly there.  This was a decision he would not regret.

Once the rods were out in The Royal Box it was soon dusk.  After a quick phone call with my dad it seemed he had landed a few more small carp while I was setting up. I began to wonder to myself that I might not be on the right side of the lake! My mind was quickly put at rest as one of the ‘bigguns’ stuck its head out 60 yards in front of me.  After a couple more shows in the area I drifted off to sleep in a state of anticipation.  At 2:30am I was woken up by a slow take on my middle rod, a typical big fish bite.  The fish gave a great account of itself; staying deep and making it difficult to get its head up.  Nevertheless, after a backbreaking battle I slid the net chord under her, 31lb 13oz on the scales.  I recognised her as a large unnamed mirror.  After a few quick photos I slipped it back, delighted with my catch.  I placed my rod back out and caught up on some much needed sleep.

Elliot’s first fish of the session a un-named 31lb 3oz mirror

In morning the middle rod was away again, resulting in a lovely mid-double common. Dad was soon on the phone enquiring what all the commotion was about.  He joked how I always catch a bigger fish than him, would this be the case this session? 

The day passed with little to report, with strong crosswinds making it difficult to get to the spots, it took longer than usual to get the rods back on the money before dusk. Just as the last one went out, I could see dad on the far bank doing battle with what could only be a good fish, going by the bend in the rod and the amount of time it was on for.  Finally, he got it into the net and I waited with my phone in hand for it to ring, he told me that ‘it might be a 40’ so I brought all of my rods in and ran round to go take a look. I peered into the net as soon as I got to his swim, it was a beast! With its back the width of both my hands spread out together, it could only be one fish.  Looking at its flank, I recognised its distinctive scale pattern and two-tone colouration; “I think it’s the Gurm!”  dad looked at me in shock. As I went to unhook her in the net, my hand looked like it belonged to a toddler against its massive head.  She went on the scales at 48lb 4oz. She had had a good spawning; nevertheless, it smashed dad’s PB and was his first forty. After a few quick snaps we slipped her back. We chatted for half an hour or so talking about the epic capture before I walked back to my swim and put the rods back out in the dark.

Gurm at 48lb 4oz

At 2:30am I had a take. After a slow but heavy fight, and doing a good job of going through my other lines, I had a big scaly mirror at the edge of y net.  My arm was at full stretch over the water when eventually the mirror reluctantly gave in, she was mine. It was ‘The Pretty One’, a fish which I have had the pleasure of photographing for a couple of other anglers.  35lb 3oz for the record; I was over the moon to have caught such a scaly beast.

Pretty one at 35lb 3oz

In the morning, whilst I caught up on some sleep, my dad was getting some hectic action down his end landing another 5 carp and his first grass carpat a massive 36lb 14oz! The rest of the day and night passed quietly.

The excellent Mainline Cell was Steve’s bait of choice

The final morning was nothing short of chaotic, with me not being able to keep a rod in the water as a shoal of smaller carp moved through my spot.  My dad banked a beautiful 26lb 7oz linear, which was a great way for him to end his red letter session of 17 fish!

What a fish to round the session off with 26lb 7oz

After the action died down we packed up and reflected on our amazing session.  My dad put it down to his ‘lucky top’ my brother and I gave him for Father’s day. We went home looking forward to our next Fryerning expedition.’

Elliot Bertram

Steve’s successful end tackle consisted of all Korda components with IQD rigs size 6 Kurve shank hooks and safezone leaders. Mounted on the hair was the ever consistent Mainline Cell Boilies in 15mm.

Korda’s components did the business for Steve.