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Out on the Bank with Micky Forbes

This week I caught up with Miacky Forbes to ask him a few questions about his experiences of fishing at Fryerning

It’s “Out on the Bank” feature time again and this week I caught up with Mick “Carp Vader” Forbes who is currently fishing a 72 hour session on the Main Lake with his wife Ester.

Mick has been a member at Fryerning for 4 years and although only fishing a handful of sessions a year has had some truly incredible catches.

Mick’s been fishing 30 years but it has been at Fryerning that he has enjoyed some of his greatest success and where he broke his PB FIVE times in 24 hours!

So whilst Mick made us a brew I took the opportunity to ask him a few questions.

Q: What are the best things about fishing a Fryerning?

A: I just love the place; it’s a great atmosphere down here and with a really great bunch of blokes. The fishing is amazing with some truly beautiful fish and it’s a safe environment where you can really relax and get away from the stresses of work.

Fryerning’s a great place just to spend some time and you can bring the wife too and as I explained to the missus it’s a lot cheaper than a week in Barbados!

Micky Forbes studying the lake

Q: What’s your most memorable capture?

A: It would have to be one of my first sessions on the Main Lake. My PB was 27lb when I started here but I broke it five times in just 24hrs and even had 2 of the lakes biggest fish the Gurm and Charlie in the net at once! It was absolutely amazing stuff!

Micky with the Mommon

Q: If you had to choose one swim on the Main Lake which one would it be and why?

A: The Lodge, Box and Points are all great swims and I have caught from them all, but it would have to be the Millstone. This is the swim where I made my most memorable capture and on the right day it is a phenomenal swim.

Micky with the Nunn

Q: What fish would you like to catch the most?

A: It would have to be the big Grassy, I lost her at the net a few years back, at which point she hadn’t been out for 3 years, she looked huge, unfortunately she shed the hook at the last moment and I was gutted. Yep definitely the big grass, I’m hunting her down!!

Many Thanks to Mick for taking the time to answer the questions and good luck with hunting down that grassy!

Micky “Carp Vader” Forbes with the Gurm