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Out On The Bank with Adrian Hunt

This week I caught up with Adrian Hunt to see what he enjoys about fishing at Fryerning.

It’s “Out on The Bank” feature time again and this week I caught up with Adrian Hunt who is currently pitting his wits against the Main Lake’s residents from the Lodge swim.

Adrian has been a member for 3 years now and despite not fishing too much in his first couple of seasons due to work commitments has gone on to catch a good number of the Main Lakes fish.

Adrian is an experienced angler having been fishing for over 25 years and has fished some of the country’s most famous waters including Horton Church Lake where he achieved great success.

So I took the opportunity to ask Adrian about his fishing at Fryerning.

Q: What are the best things about fishing at Fryerning?

A: I really enjoy the safe and picturesque environment at Fryerning and obviously there is an incredible stock of beautiful and big fish. The fishery is also very well run.

Adrian with the Nunn

Q: What is your most memorable capture?

A: I have two memorable captures that really stand out. Firstly catching the Nunn, this was my first 40.

The other capture of note was landing the Woodcarving in January at a weight of 43lb 3oz. It was a freezing cold night and the capture was even more pleasing knowing that Carl Carlucci had to get up and walk round the whole lake up to take the pictures!

Adrian with his latest capture Four Scale

Q: If you had to choose one swim on the Main Lake which one would it be and why?

A: There are plenty of good swims but the Millstone and Left Hand Point have both been incredibly kind to me over the years and are fabulous spots in the right conditions.

Adrian watching the water from the Lodge swim

Q: What fish would you like to catch the most?

A: It may be a bit obvious but I’d really like two of the biggies either the Gurm or The Boss or better still both of ‘em!

Adrian with the Zip linear

A big thank you to Adrian for taking the time to answer my questions and good luck to him on his quest for the Gurm and Boss!