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Out On The Bank With Joe Atkinson

It’s “Out on The Bank” time again and this week I caught up with Joe Atkinson who is currently pitting his wits against the Main Lake fish from the Lodge swim.

Many of you will know Joe from Angling Direct Chelmsford where he works as assistant manager. You may also have seen some of his numerous articles in magazines such as Crafty Carper, Advanced Carp and Carp Talk.

Joe is a very successful angler and has caught from some of the countries toughest waters including Snake Pit.

Joe has had a ticket at Fryerning for 3 seasons but has only fished a handful of sessions he has already got amongst the fish.

Last year Joe fished just two nights, on the first he was smashed up by a large catfish now going to 120lb but had more joy on his second night landing a 38lb carp.

Despite only fishing a few sessions Joe has certainly got amongst the fish landing the Pretty One, XL Pecs and the stripe.

Joe with the Stripe

I caught up with Joe after his first night of 2015 and asked him a few questions…


Q: What are the best things about fishing at Fryerning?

A: Fryerning is one of the best maintained waters your likely to fish, safety is bang on, the lake has great facilities and an amazing stock of carp.

Q: What is your most memorable capture?

A: For me my most memorable capture was probably the pretty one, it was my first Fryerning carp, it was my first Fryerning carp. It was caught at close quarters off the top, for me I don’t think you can beat that style of fishing.

Joe with The Pretty One

Q: If you had to choose one swim on the Main Lake which one would it be and why?

A: It’s hard to choose one swim in particular. I’m not one for a favourite swim. Fish can be caught from all areas around the lake, if you’re not on fish you won’t catch them. My favourite swim is where the fish are on the day, keeping mobile and vigilant are key.

Q: What fish would you like to catch the most?

A: I can’t decide on just one, so I’m going for three, the mommon, Charlie and the Boss. Hopefully they’ll grace my net soon!

Joe had barely finished answering the questions when he had a take and promptly landed XL Pecs at 37lb 8oz.

Well done to Joe and a big thank you for taking the time to answer the questions.