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Must See New Series! Fryerning XL Carp Monthly Video Blog

What a year 2018 has been! We have seen stacks of big carp, recording breaking catches and off the scale angling with rod bending action coming from all three carp lakes of our incredible syndicates here in Essex. See the first video blog in the exciting new series here.

Looking back through this mind blowing 12 months is non other than carp angling legend Adam Penning, who shows you just a few of the many highlights of this exceptional year in the first of our new series of exciting new series of monthly video blogs.

The first, a round up of 2018, makes for captivating viewing! You are certainly in for a treat!

Featuring countless big carp, including 50’s, 40’s and 30’s, huge hits of fish and never been seen before footage this is must see stuff!

Starting off with a huge common of nearly 53lb from The Main Lake and a trio of thirties from the Valley, the journey Adam takes you on keeps your eyes glued to the screen and drooling at the sight of some incredible looking carp! So sit back and enjoy this carp packed round up what was 2018.

Bucking the trend from many waters around the country, all three syndicate lakes just kept producing at Fryerning, even with some appalling angling conditions during the year.

Those of you who have been down here this year can’t fail to have noticed just how quiet the lakes have been. If didn’t bother this year, boy have you missed out!!!

One angler who certainly won’t be missing out on the forecasted action in 2019 is Adam who’s just renewed his ticket again and just cant get enough!

The first few months of the year saw the complex devoid of anglers which explains the lack of entries in the catch report book despite all three lakes historically having great winter form.

A few syndicate members fished through the winter of 2018

Those hardy soles who did venture out saw plenty of rod bending action on the Car Park Lake, whilst The Valley Lake produced a trio of 30’s and plenty of upper 20’s, all despite horrendous weather.

Just one of three Valley Lake 30’s caught during freezing conditions. 32lb 4oz

Certainly by feeding the lakes daily with pellet we kept the carp moving all year round with both angler and fish benefitting from this. If you are into your winter carping you’d better get down here.

The first of The Main Lakes A-Team fish to come out in 2018 was the lakes gigantic common, The Mommon at a massive weight of 52lb 10oz which was caught by Brian Smith. The fish inspired a few anglers to dust off their gear and get the rods out. From then on the Lake exploded into life with some seriously good action to be had.

Brian Smith with TheHuge Main Lake Common, The Mommon 52lb 10oz

In a two week period, a further 17 carp were landed including The Woodcarving at a huge 48lb. This fish had been uncaught for over 18 months. The Mommon made a second appearance this time at a record smashing 54lb, as did five other 40s and ten 35lb plus carp!

Neil Messenger with The Woodcarving 48lb

Suddenly temperatures rose dramatically, we seemed to have missed a season. Winter turned straight into summer and the carp began spawning. The decision was made to close all three lakes for two weeks, a move which was applauded by all the members and has been of great benefit to the fish!

Certainly the fish have never looked so healthy or fed so hard.

Scrolling through the online catch reports makes mind blowing reading. Over 300 carp have been caught from The Main Lake, nearly double the amount of 2017. Incredible stuff considering the lack of rods on the water and the far from ideal angling conditions.

The Valley Lake has also been in fine form, with an increase in captures also recorded. Excitingly stacks of these fish have been big upper twenties with one, possibly two 40’s and a dozen 30’s, this water is a true gem with a bright future ahead!

Some stunning fish reside in The Valley, This common went 38lb

As usual all three lakes have produced countless P.B.s and created ever lasting memories for those fortunate enough to fish them.

One session in particular that stands out is Steve Bertram’s 17 carp haul from the Main lake in June. Included in this incredible catch was the Gurm a new P.B. for Steve. In the same couple of days, son Elliot also got in on the action landing nine carp up to 35lb 3oz. Check out the full story on the website!

The Gurm part of a 17 Carp Haul for Steve Bertram

Both Simon Davey and Lincoln Slater have also had a memorable year with Simon having numerous big hits of fish. Many of these being A-Team members, including Gurm, Charlie, The Stripe, Berties Linear & The Emperor.

Simon Davey with Charlie another big mirror ticked off the list.

Lincoln who mainly does overnighters has seen his effort greatly rewarded with an impressive list of captures both from The Valley and the Main Lakes, including The Netted Fish, The Mommon and XL Pecs.

Lincoln Slater with The Netted Fish one of the largest leathers in The UK.

The ever consistent Scott Clark has also had a terrific year landing plenty of whackers with his best session shared with his son Tayler which saw him land 12 carp including Pretty One, Lukes Common and The Mommon.

Read all about this incredible session here!

Another big common for Scott Clark, Lukes Common 37lb 8oz

A new member to join the team was Simon Lincoln, he certainly started off on a good foot, landing some incredible fish including The Woodcarving, XL Pecs and 4 Scale.

Scott and Tayler with the amazing looking pretty one

Having had a really successful spawning and a break earlier in the year the fish have certainly benefitted with members noting just what good condition they are in and how hard they have fought.

It is also noticeable how much weight the fish are packing on too, The Nunn was 47lb 11oz when caught at the start of October, we reckon she could go over the magical 50lb mark before spawning in 2019. STOP PRESS: Since writing this piece The Nunn came out to the rods of Carl ‘Bertie’ Baxter on the 29th of December 2018 at a huge 51lb! 

James Foster with The Nunn at 47lb 11oz, probably the next Fryerning 50lb carp

Sooner than predicted! Carl Bertie Baxter with The Nunn at a huge 51lb.

With a few of the lakes big girls due out, it will be interesting just how big they will go on the scales. Exciting stuff indeed!

It’s not all been about big carp though, some other stand out catches include Barry Sullivan landing his target fish for over ten years, The Dalmation in July, from the same swim that produced a 120lb catfish two weeks later, but don’t panic carpers we only have a handful of big cats on the complex.

Barry Sullivan with a fish he much wanted  ‘The Dalmation’

Some wonderful times were also had on the Car Park Lake with Mick and Steve Cuthbert members now for nearly 25 years often seen on the bank with a bent rod in hand. New members Nick and Luca Payne certainly got to grips with this magical water quickly, after having a tutorial with Adam Penning and were soon landing plenty of hard fighting stunners!

Happy times on the Car Park Lake. Nick and Luca with another cracker!

Ron Scott also got tongues wagging when he landed an incredible 21 carp in only eight hours from this prolific lake!

Ron Scott with just one of 21 carp caught in a manic eight hours.

The Valley Lake has also produced more carp than ever this year which can be put down to a number of factors including our already mentioned feeding programme and a batch of  home grown stunners introduced in 2017.

The month of May saw some fantastic results with no less than three 30’s and many upper 20’s gracing the bank to a variety of different tactics including ‘off the top’.

Kevin Miller with a May 30lb 10oz warrior

Sam Lane has certainly had a year to remember on the Valley Lake consistently getting among the lakes big carp and managed to smash his P.B. by landing a belting 30lb 6oz mirror. Sams hard work also saw him land a much sought after target fish ‘The Carrot’ another great result!

Sam Lane with his new P.B. first UK 30.

The Carrot a fish all the members want in there album.

Sams good mate and fishing buddy Cody McMahon hasn’t fished the Valley lake as much as he would of liked but when he did pop down was rewarded with some cracking fish including an awesome looking 28lb 2oz mirror.

Cody McMahon with a 28lb 2oz scaley mirror

With so many members getting in on the action and so many incredible carp coming out it is impossible to mention them all.

Some which spring to mind include Michael Thomas who landed numerous carp to over 3olb on day sessions and quick over nighters, Andrew Smith who just kept on landing belters, Alex Milligan who carried on his fine form from 2017 with another list of stunning carp up to nearly 37lb and finally Jaccob Tappin who seems to land a chunk or two whenever he fishes the lake.

The quality of fish coming out the Valley Lake are mind blowing!

At the start of the year we made a large investment in fishery own nets, slings and mats along with a bio-secure container and many storage containers to house them.

This was a direct result of large amounts of fish mortalities both around the UK and abroad due to his Diseases such as KHV.

Fishery own nets mats and slings to safeguard our precious stocks.

We have always had a dry equipment rule, but safe guarding our stocks is paramount and we have now gone to the next level to ensure this!

By now all members should have received their new Membership/access control card and those of you who have been down can’t fail to be impressed with our new gate system we have installed.

With every member having his own personalised card which allows access to the fishery during permitted times, it has to be the most advanced security system on a fishery in the UK and brings syndicate security into the 21st century.

The new access control system – ultimate syndicate security.

At the start of the year after over 12 months of development and hundreds of hours writing content and uploading images, we finally went live with The new website.

Superior to any other seen in the carp fishery scene and updated daily, it allows you to see all the latest catches, study all the swims, read up on all your favourite fish and see whats going on! You could literally loose yourself for hours on there!

It was great to see some of the members sending a few words on there sessions down here. Once uploaded to the site it made great reading and was really well received. So if you fancy doing the same feel free, it would be much appreciated!

The ultimate carp syndicate websites

Members are always commenting ‘just how well the estate is looking’, this is all down to the hard work and time put in by the team keeping on top of things.

The Car Park especially has blossomed this year with all the fruit trees we planted several years ago maturing and the evergreen foliage establishing itself nicely, all creating an idyllic oasis.

The surroundings of the lakes create your own area of paradise.

Another 100+ tonnes of stone has been placed around the banks and swims stopping bank erosion and and allowing easier access to the water for releasing those whackers you guys keep catching!

More recently we have replaced the old wooden jetty found between The Steps and Drop off swims with a more substantial metal version. This will outlive us that’s for sure and will be perfect to dangle a line from, or to fire a few dog biscuits at those main lakes chunks in the summer months.

A big thanks to Phil Randall who has been busy this year kindly helping out re-painting the shower/ toilet block and refurbishing many of the tables and benches found around the lakes!

The top class facilities have been refurbished improving them further.

I would also like to say a big thanks to Charlie and Scott who never tire of keeping this wonderful fishery in tip top condition.

A syndicate member since 2012 ‘Penners’ just cant hide his excitement of pitting his wits against Fryerning’s shockingly awesome Carp stocks and we feel having watched this and the forth coming blogs you will feel exactly the same.

Adam will be down to do battle with more whackers like this in 2019

Don’t forget to watch out for Januarys blog and keep logging on to the site to keep up to date with all those whackers and latest news from XL Carp syndicte!

Keep your eyes peeled for January’s blog featuring Adam Penning